Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wanna Get Away?

You know those Southwest Airline's commercials where they say,
" Wanna get away? Ding!"

I was fumbling through my bag, trying to find my debit card (I'm notorious for not putting it back in the right spot after using it) when I realized I was lucky enough to having one of those lovely moments right then and there. Checked the wallet, nope. Checked the little pockets on the side, nope not there. Maybe in the little zipper pocket, hmm, nope. I didn't quite know what else to do but dump the contents of my purse on this poor cashier's counter. The cashier gave me the "look." You know the one, like what the hell are you doing dumping your crap at my counter?! In his defense, he was of the male species so he'll never fully comprehend what it takes to tote all your belongings and those of a two year old in one very cute red hobo bag. So what's in the bag you ask?

-Due to the recent potty training success of my son, I no longer carry diapers, but now I carry an extra set of underwear (which are so stinkin cute) and a pair of jeans.

-A package of Pampers Clean and Go Wipes because I'm a germaphobe and they come in VERY handy

-Hand Sanitizer (another germaphobe item)

-a baggy full of matchbox cars for entertainment purposes (and no, not mine)

-a few bags of fruit snacks for prevention of toddler meltdown (yes, it does prevent adult meltdowns as well)

-sippy cup full of WATER (The aforementioned cup has already leaked milk and juice in my purse so now I know water is the only liquid allowed in cup while in transit)

-3 different shades of light pink lip gloss so that I can annoy my husband with the greasy residue it leaves on his lips when I shower him with kisses

-2 new boxes of contacts and a cute new pair of glasses that I picked up at the optometrist that day

-and of course all your random receipts, mail, cell phone (which is always at the bottom of my bag...I HATE that)

-oh yeah...the wallet, DUH

Well, I eventually found the debit card ...it was playing hide and go seek with the cell phone in the deep, dark, depths of my purse. I paid for the groceries, left the store with my head down, avoiding all eye contact with the other customers in line and secretly vowed to always know where my debit card was BEFORE entering the grocery store.

I know that I'm not the only one that has had a "Wanna get away?" moment so please share your stories whether it be comments or a blog entry ( just please link back to me if you do.)We can start a support group, " Hello, my name is Laura and I am a member of Wanna Get Away. Ding!"

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekly Winners March 22-28

First trip to the dentist. Although he loved it you've got to check out that look he's throwing at the hygenist.

It was so windy at the coast we had to carry him for fear he didn't blow away!

A few pictures from our day at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport...great place!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Waiting Game

Man, it's been a rough week around here. In reality, my troubles are so minuscule compared to the real troubles many families face but emotionally, I am spent. Being married to a truck driver has it's distinct advantages and disadvantages.

To list a few advantages-
I don't have to make dinner every night, no one is hogging the bed, quite a bit less laundry during the week. I pretty much do what I want with out having to answer to anyone and it's all done on my schedule.

To list some disadvantages-
Many nights alone on the couch watching tv while the little one sleeps, having my husband miss a lot of family outings, knowing that I'm the only one that will have memories of the little things that your kids do each day.

They are usually pretty good about balancing each other out if you take it day by day, but the disadvantages have been weighing pretty heavy this week. I'm usually pretty good at pulling myself out of a rut and waking up with a whole new attitude but this week has been tough. Spring break is here and moms and dads have packed their kids up and hit the local hot spots in town and it's like being stabbed in the heart over and over again. I just can't shake the sadness when everywhere I go, I see families.... together.

See, we're in limbo land here. We're planning to move out of the country soon so we're kind of just in a holding pattern until everything gets squared away. I want to continue building our family, regrow our lives in this new place but I can't. I must wait here, in limbo land, for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months...we don't know exactly how long. I can't begin to describe how incredibly difficult it is to look around at all my friends as they bring home new additions to their families, buy new homes, and continually move forward in life as I sit still....waiting.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ok...Just Have to Vent a Little Bit

Some days I just wonder how dumb people think I am!

The other day I was at guess where...ok, wait for it............Target, surprise! By the way, I got a really good deal on a CARS book for the little one ($12 book for just $2)

Ok, back to the point of the story...some dumb guy gives me this sob story on how his jeep just broke down, he's trying to get to his brother's house, yada yada yada... you know how the story goes. Well, I say, "sorry, can't help you" as I'm loading my bags, son and purse in the car and keeping my eyes locked on this looser so he doesn't think he can pull a quick one on me. Luckily, he takes my answer for what it is and jogs to the next parking spot to retell the same sob story but with a few alterations to hopefully make a few bucks. As I'm all loaded and ready to go I see the man walk back to his jeep and get this, DRIVE AWAY! For someone who had broke down it sure started up pretty quickly and drove away with no problems.

Things like this make me sooooo mad. No, I didn't lose any money on the deal but this is why I don't give money to people and someday someone is going to ask for money who really needs it and I'm going to turn them down because of people like this.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Making A Memory

So I wanted to do two posts today. One was my Weekly Winners and then I had one more picture but thought that it deserved it's own post.

I'm guilty, as are so many parents of sometimes getting stuck in your routine and forgetting to savor those little moments. This afternoon, as a treat, I took my little one to Krispy Kreme for being such a good shopper this morning. I had some free donut coupons and he'd never been there so I went for it. He was beyond excited and after some indecisiveness he chose the, ever so classic, chocolate iced donut ...my personal favorite. He eagerly paid the cashier with his own coupon and she gave him a hat as he picked out his own seat...a window seat as if he knew this was the key to creating an even more perfect moment. We sat there watching the cars go by, happily eating our donuts, no whining, no potty breaks, no food battles, many wonder who would battle a donut, but my kid just might.

So, to get on my soap box for a quick second, take a few minutes today and Make A Memory...you'll thank me later :)

Weekly Winners

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Weiner...

Wordless Wednesdays
Sorry for the picture quality, it was on my cell phone. Can you guess what we saw parked at the mall today?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Day the Lights Went Out

Alas, the day has come. Just imagine going about your normal day, laundry, fixing meals, wiping bottoms...you know, the usual stuff when BAM! The lights go out and you turn around and there he is, in all his glory

he can reach the light switch.

I secretly chuckled every time a fellow mom told me it had happened to her. My magic switch, as the little one calls it, was a bit higher than the norm and it bought me precious extra time. Now that time is gone and in the blink of an eye, the lights are off, and on, and off, and on. You get the picture. We've gone down this road before, the power button on the computer, the dvd player, then the tv, even the flusher on the toilet, but the light switch is a hot commodity. This small little switch holds an abundance of power...way more than the other appliances did and don't second guess for a second that he hasn't taken full advantage of his new found authority.

As I grasp the concept of this fascinating new skill, I learn to live with the idea that once you go into a room and turn on the light, it doesn't guarantee that it will be on seconds later. That the fan could be on in the bathroom for hours and you have no clue until mother nature calls. AHHH, the joys of a toddler!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekly Winners

Young at Heart

Like Father, Like Son

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Happy Place

So I have an addiction. It all started when my son was born... stay at home moms will fully understand my story. When your little one is first born, you're home alone, this new creature doesn't talk, just sleeps, eats and poops and you're dying for some social interaction...what better to do than shop, right? Trips to the mall, Costco, Target....but only one store a day so that you have something to do tomorrow. It's sad, I know, but I must admit it's the truth. Without stay at home moms where would our economy be?

As you can see two and a half years later I still haven't kicked the habit. It's rather difficult to turn my head the other way when I live less than a mile away from this wonderful palace of goods. Everything you need, all in one place, all at a great price until.......you take a detour off your list and end up with junk galore (but at least you got a deal, right.) They should just call it the $100 store because that's roughly how much I spend each time I go.

Sadly, I am passing this terrible addiction on to the next generation. He jumps for joy with the news that we're going to Target. I've never seen shoes and a jacket go on faster but really, getting to ride in the back of the cart (not to mentions making car noises the whole way through) and eating yummy popcorn and the occasional Icee...What could be better than that!

Monday, March 2, 2009

When are you really an adult?

So as I gain another year on the books I question if I'm technically an adult yet. Legally, yes I am but do I feel like an adult? No, not really. I remember when I was a kid and you would look at your parents and wonder what it would feel like to be soooo old. Honestly, I feel exactly the same as I did back then. I'm the same person that I was ten years ago, a few more responsibilities (insert hubby and 2yr old here) but I don't feel any different. I see pictures of the kids that I used to babysit as a teenager and they're all grown up and then it hits me, if they are 15 years older....wait a minute... so am I! It makes me wonder if twenty years from now when I'm going to be approaching my 50's (OMG) if I'm going to feel the same as I do now. Will I still look at myself in the mirror and see me or some ol' lady with lots of wrinkles staring back at me? Ok, I know I'm not that old and some will laugh that I call myself that but honestly, did you have one of those moments where you suddenly "felt" like an adult?