Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Happy Place

So I have an addiction. It all started when my son was born... stay at home moms will fully understand my story. When your little one is first born, you're home alone, this new creature doesn't talk, just sleeps, eats and poops and you're dying for some social interaction...what better to do than shop, right? Trips to the mall, Costco, Target....but only one store a day so that you have something to do tomorrow. It's sad, I know, but I must admit it's the truth. Without stay at home moms where would our economy be?

As you can see two and a half years later I still haven't kicked the habit. It's rather difficult to turn my head the other way when I live less than a mile away from this wonderful palace of goods. Everything you need, all in one place, all at a great price take a detour off your list and end up with junk galore (but at least you got a deal, right.) They should just call it the $100 store because that's roughly how much I spend each time I go.

Sadly, I am passing this terrible addiction on to the next generation. He jumps for joy with the news that we're going to Target. I've never seen shoes and a jacket go on faster but really, getting to ride in the back of the cart (not to mentions making car noises the whole way through) and eating yummy popcorn and the occasional Icee...What could be better than that!


Renee said...

I have my own route in the store mapped out each time I go to Tarjay..hehehe