Monday, March 2, 2009

When are you really an adult?

So as I gain another year on the books I question if I'm technically an adult yet. Legally, yes I am but do I feel like an adult? No, not really. I remember when I was a kid and you would look at your parents and wonder what it would feel like to be soooo old. Honestly, I feel exactly the same as I did back then. I'm the same person that I was ten years ago, a few more responsibilities (insert hubby and 2yr old here) but I don't feel any different. I see pictures of the kids that I used to babysit as a teenager and they're all grown up and then it hits me, if they are 15 years older....wait a minute... so am I! It makes me wonder if twenty years from now when I'm going to be approaching my 50's (OMG) if I'm going to feel the same as I do now. Will I still look at myself in the mirror and see me or some ol' lady with lots of wrinkles staring back at me? Ok, I know I'm not that old and some will laugh that I call myself that but honestly, did you have one of those moments where you suddenly "felt" like an adult?


Renee said...

Yes...this year it hit me hard when my daughter turned 18 last month. I remember when I had my oldest daughter, I old will I be when she graduates? The time is here as she will be graduating in 3 more months and I am now 39. I wonder where all the years went. Now, I am thinking...crap...50 is only 11 years away! LOL