Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wanna Get Away?

You know those Southwest Airline's commercials where they say,
" Wanna get away? Ding!"

I was fumbling through my bag, trying to find my debit card (I'm notorious for not putting it back in the right spot after using it) when I realized I was lucky enough to having one of those lovely moments right then and there. Checked the wallet, nope. Checked the little pockets on the side, nope not there. Maybe in the little zipper pocket, hmm, nope. I didn't quite know what else to do but dump the contents of my purse on this poor cashier's counter. The cashier gave me the "look." You know the one, like what the hell are you doing dumping your crap at my counter?! In his defense, he was of the male species so he'll never fully comprehend what it takes to tote all your belongings and those of a two year old in one very cute red hobo bag. So what's in the bag you ask?

-Due to the recent potty training success of my son, I no longer carry diapers, but now I carry an extra set of underwear (which are so stinkin cute) and a pair of jeans.

-A package of Pampers Clean and Go Wipes because I'm a germaphobe and they come in VERY handy

-Hand Sanitizer (another germaphobe item)

-a baggy full of matchbox cars for entertainment purposes (and no, not mine)

-a few bags of fruit snacks for prevention of toddler meltdown (yes, it does prevent adult meltdowns as well)

-sippy cup full of WATER (The aforementioned cup has already leaked milk and juice in my purse so now I know water is the only liquid allowed in cup while in transit)

-3 different shades of light pink lip gloss so that I can annoy my husband with the greasy residue it leaves on his lips when I shower him with kisses

-2 new boxes of contacts and a cute new pair of glasses that I picked up at the optometrist that day

-and of course all your random receipts, mail, cell phone (which is always at the bottom of my bag...I HATE that)

-oh yeah...the wallet, DUH

Well, I eventually found the debit card ...it was playing hide and go seek with the cell phone in the deep, dark, depths of my purse. I paid for the groceries, left the store with my head down, avoiding all eye contact with the other customers in line and secretly vowed to always know where my debit card was BEFORE entering the grocery store.

I know that I'm not the only one that has had a "Wanna get away?" moment so please share your stories whether it be comments or a blog entry ( just please link back to me if you do.)We can start a support group, " Hello, my name is Laura and I am a member of Wanna Get Away. Ding!"


jinx said...

I don't know where to start with a wanna get away moment, I have had 3 in a week. New mom and preggo brain aren't good together. Thanks for the laugh, I'll be sure to link back to you in the next couple of days when I post.

MaggieBrown said...

I have a suggestion for you that would be fun for your son and bring you a little peace in a germ-filled world! There is a great program out called Germy Wormy Germ Smart Kids. They learn in a mom-invented and drug-free way how to both avoid AND keep from spreading germs.