Sunday, March 15, 2009

Making A Memory

So I wanted to do two posts today. One was my Weekly Winners and then I had one more picture but thought that it deserved it's own post.

I'm guilty, as are so many parents of sometimes getting stuck in your routine and forgetting to savor those little moments. This afternoon, as a treat, I took my little one to Krispy Kreme for being such a good shopper this morning. I had some free donut coupons and he'd never been there so I went for it. He was beyond excited and after some indecisiveness he chose the, ever so classic, chocolate iced donut personal favorite. He eagerly paid the cashier with his own coupon and she gave him a hat as he picked out his own seat...a window seat as if he knew this was the key to creating an even more perfect moment. We sat there watching the cars go by, happily eating our donuts, no whining, no potty breaks, no food battles, many wonder who would battle a donut, but my kid just might.

So, to get on my soap box for a quick second, take a few minutes today and Make A'll thank me later :)


lis said...

That's just wonderful! I love it! It will be a day you will always remember.