Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Swirly Whirly Fun

Looking for a cheap and easy art project for the kids, look no further! I picked up this idea at one of our local kiddy art classes and thought it was a great thing to do when you need an easy project to "kill" an afternoon.

pie tin or paper plate
plain ol', no frills white shaving cream
food coloring
card stock
a straw/paintbrush
old rag/towel (do NOT use one of your nice hand towels)

First, you spray the shaving cream into the pie tin or paper plate. Next, you add a couple drops of food coloring of your choice into the shaving cream mixture. Feel free to mix a few colors in to make things interesting. Have your kiddo use the straw or paintbrush to mix the dye into the shaving cream creating swirl type patterns. Take your folded card stock and place one side onto the swirly mess of shaving cream, lift it up and wait 10-20 seconds then wipe it off with the towel. Voila...the swirl pattern shows up on the paper and you've got a pretty card. Grandmas will adore them and your kiddo will be proud of their work. Just a note, unlike the wonderful Crayola products, food coloring will stain clothes so I would advise wearing a smock or old clothes depending on the ability of your little artist. So next time you've got the rainy day blues and are stuck in the house give this project a try. Let me know how they turn out!!
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