Sunday, November 15, 2009

Send a Special Thank You

I'm a huge football fan! On game days you can usually find us hovering over the snack table and watching the Steelers or 49ers I grew up watching 49er games with my Dad and have always loved the level of competition, the excitement and adrenaline that comes with strong, athletic men in tight pants are always a bonus. In fact, one of the first things that attracted me to my husband was that he played college football. He was popular, strong, athletic and wore tight pants on the field....I was hooked. Now that we have our own little one on Sundays I happily sit by the TV and watch the games with my son teaching him little things here and there to make the games fun, just like my dad did, but today, I was the one who learned something new.

Terry Bradshaw and his pre game crew informed me of an easy way to make brighten someone's day. In honor of Veteran's Day Week, State farm has a website up that allows you to send free thank yous to people in the military and to top it off they will donate a dollar to the Fisher House. You can upload pics or videos or send a traditional note. You can send a more personalized note to "your veteran" and share it with them or you can send a more generalized thank you. Either way, it only takes a few minutes and it can mean the world to them.

So please, check this site out,

and drop me a comment and let me know if you were able to send YOUR special thank you to someone.
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