Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mental Notes

I thought I would make a little list of the mental notes that I make to myself in my head.

  1. Never, never, never, under any circumstances go to Chuck E. Cheese on a Saturday night!I learned my lesson last weekend and from now on I will go on my normal weekday lunchtimes to preserve my sanity.

  2. Have your husband hide the Halloween candy so that you don't consume mass quantities of chocolate once your child goes to bed. My stomach and my son were none too happy with my pile of empty chocolate wrappers.

  3. Do not forget the sippy cup of milk in the car. 2 days of forgetfulness, one look at the inside of the cup and I didn't even attempt to clean it, straight in the trash it went. So gross!

  4. Lastly, don't watch the Khloe Kardashian/Lamar Odom Wedding Special when your monthly visitor is in town. I was balling happy tears for this couple and realistically, I could care more about what Britney Spears found in between her toes two years ago than these two goons.

There you go, a small glimpse into my head. Kinda scary, huh!
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