Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Many Shades of Gray

Is it because I'm nearing then end of my 20's and my youth is forever fading away? Or is it because I'm a single parent more than 90% of the time and the stress can, at times, be overwhelming? Whatever the reason may be these little buggers keep creeping in on me! One will pop on up over here, then he invites a few more of his friends and they throw a little party. Now we all know what happens at parties, there are always party crashers and they can be crazy and wild, sometimes even kinda kinky! Then the offspring of those crazy party crashers start sprouting little buds and then BAM more of them appear. It's a vicious, never ending cycle.

So yes, I am now willing to admit that I am a 29 year old woman with WAY too many gray hairs! There, I said it! The last few years I have noticed many different shades of gray setting up house on the fertile ground of my little head and it's only cemented the fact that I'm getting older (and hopefully wiser.) On the plus side, thank god for hair dye or I would look like a woman way beyond my years! Really, what did women do before you could color your hair? I would just die of embarrassment if I had to show off my grays for the world to see at my age. I can only hope that in the future (way, way in the future) that I will be one of those cute, little, old ladies in her rocking chair with her grandchildren at her side and a head full of beautiful white hair. Needless to say the innate planner in me has gotten a really good head start!
So, here is your forum to openly or anonymously admit your gray hair. I'll go first. Hello, my name is Laura and I have gray hair.
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