Monday, September 14, 2009

Seriously Gross!

Every couple months I tackle steam cleaning the carpets, not the most fun task ever but just something that needs to get done. I equate it to cleaning toilets and putting away laundry, a monotonous, tedious, boring chore.

A mini rant coming in 3-2-1....Who the hell puts beige carpets in a rental?! It's really not the most practical choice of colors. Yes, it looks beautiful all spic and span but before you know it it's already dirty again. Beige + Rental makes little sense to me!

Ok, back to my gross reveal. I am amazed at the how much dirt that you "can't" see but that still gets sucked up in that container. Now before I show you my nasty steam cleaner water just note that

  1. To look at my carpets, they "look" clean. No, I'm not living in filth, this is the stuff "hidden" in the carpets. I tend to keep a pretty clean house.

  2. I have one cat who has never set a foot outside so I can't blame her for much of the icky water.

  3. We take our shoes off when we come into the house.

So seriously, where does this dirt come from?

And here it is in all it's dark brown glory.....

Do your carpets ever get this nasty even though you can't see it? Seriously, it's really grossin me out!