Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can we read it again?! Repeated Book Readers Anonymous

How many of us have read the same book over and over again to our kids? Maybe I'm psychic but I'm sure that everyone of us raised our hand. I love a good kids book! One that is kid friendly and not obnoxiously annoying such as one of my son's faves, Mongoose, Mongoose, Stop! Don't Run by Antoinette Costello. Yes, it's cute the first couple times but I could recite that book in my sleep after downing a couple of shots and with a splash of Nyquil as a chaser. I'll just say that the title along with "I just want to have some fun" is repeated on EVERY.OTHER. PAGE! So to that I say, "Mongoose, mongoose, please don't stop and run away, far, far, away so that I don't have to read you ten times a day."

On to one of MY favorite books, Big Words For Little People by Jamie Lee Curtis. I absolutely adore this book! I picked it up at my place of worship, aka Target, and figured it might be a little over my kid's age group (4-8yrs old) but he fell for it hook, line, and sinker. It takes some hard to understand vocabulary words and whittles them down so that the youngsters can understand them but in a fun rhyming kind of way. Some examples of the vocab words are consequence, irate, patience, and considerate. The illustrations are cute and there are lots of different things to look at on the pages. Now, I do not have a deal with amazon whatsoever but in writing this post I discovered that the book is on sale for $11.55, almost $6 off the cover price so if you're interested, check it out. So yes, I LOVE this children's book and don't mind reading it over and over and over again. What's your favorite book to read to your kids? Which book do you absolutely despise?
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