Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who Needs Therapists? Just Have Kids!

Remember that show that Bill Cosby used to host, "Kids say the Darndest Things?" Seriously, they really do! If I could just bottle up my little one's funny sayings and stories up and pull them out of when someone is having a bad day I could make a killing. I love it because kids don't even know that what they are saying is hilarious, (until the roar of laughter) they are just speaking what's on their mind...with absolutely no filter.

A little background info before I share my silly little story with you. My (almost 3, OMG I cant' believe that) son is potty trained except for naps and overnight. The following story let's me know that he's actually listening to me while I ramble on about what we're trying to do at, who knew!

While on vacation last week we headed out to dinner and this is what was overheard....

Me- "Hey, let's work on opposites."

Little Man- "Ok!"

Me- "What's hard?"

Little Man- "Table!"

Me- "What's soft?"

Little Man- "This!" As he gestures to the padding on the booth

Me- "What's wet?"

Little Man- "Water!"

Me- "What's dry?"

Little Man- "Pull- Ups!!!"

Enter fits of laughter from Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie and myself!

Well, my little man ate that up like a bowl of candy and it's now his new favorite joke. So if you see a little kid at a store asking you "What's dry?" You better answer pull-ups so he can give you the cheesiest smile, longest, silliest, made-up laugh ever. Just like he is right over there which is completely unrelated but it would look quite a bit like that minus the frosting!

Let me know what your kids have said lately that has cracked you up. Feel free to comment or write your own post with a link back. Happy ICLW!


Indigo said...

That's adorable! And he's adorable!

Gosh, my kid says so many cute things but now that you've put me on the spot I can't think of a single thing!

Happy ICLW!

Hope Endures said...

What a cute story!! And I love the pic - your little guy is adorable.


Katie said...

LOL that's HILARIOUS!!!!!! hehehehe what a smart kid ;)

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Kid-isms are awesome! And you have a very adorable little boy!


Hillary said...

That's really cute! :) Happy ICLW!

Cassandra said...

My babies are in the womb, so it will be a while until they're talking.

The combo of your son's foam finger t-shirt, beater in hand, and frosting grin is priceless!


Kristin said...

That is so frickin CUTE! I think my favorite thing my little guy said was "When the sun comes up, it is sunny. So, when the moon comes up it is moony."


Liddy said...

That is adorable. Love the pic.

Stopping by for an ICLW visit...
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Beautiful Mess said...

Happy ICLW!

That's the cutest story and picture! I love it! My son just told me "Powerade is like Gatorade but it has POWER!" Can't really argue with that! I love it!

WiseGuy said...

Ha Ha Ha! Your little champ is adorable!!!

You should really write that down and keep it for a time capsule!


Momisodes said...

That is too cute! He is so clever :)

Lisa RM said...

About collards-

"Mama, I like these greens!

But not really."