Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you!

I was reading Sandy's blog and came across this questionnaire and thought it would be fun to fill out for those that don't know me I(n)R(eal)L(ife).

1.What is the weather like where you are? kinda cool, cloudy.

2.Who was your first best friend? Her name is Nickie and thanks to facebook we've found each other again.

3.Who knows you best? Absolutely my hubby. He knows me better than I do sometimes.

4.Do you have a temper? Nope.

5.Have you ever flew in an airplane? Yeppers. Two times across the states and many short trips to California. By the time your up at full altitude it's time to descend. Easy trips.

6.Have you ever been on a cruise? Unfortunately not. My hubby and I are dying to take an Alaskan Cruise though.

7.Have you ever rode on a train? Uhh, yes. 12 hours, I departed at 3am and I was exhausted by the time we got there. only takes 3 1/2 in a car but as a poor college student I didn't have a car and the only way to make my way home was a train. Never again.

8.Where is the farthest you've been from home? Orlando, Florida.

9.Do you plan to move in the next 12 months? Sadly, yes. We're moving up to the great white north to the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada. While I'm excited for a new chapter in life, I'm struggling with leaving all the wonderful friends we've made in Portland.This is truly the best city I've ever lived in.

10.What are your parents names? Greg and Karin

11.Do you have brothers/sisters? One little sister.

12. Can you swim? yes. I've also taught swim lessons and coached competitive swim teams. Swimming was my life for about 12 years.

13. Name one thing you like about yourself. The ability to be comfortable in my own skin. Many women struggle with body image and while I know that I'm far from what society labels as perfect but to me, I am comfortable with who I am and what I look like.

14. Name one thing you DO NOT like about yourself. How I can sometimes stress about the dumbest things.

15.Who is the last person you talked to on the phone? My hubby

16.What time did you wake up today? 7:30

17.What is your favorite animal? As a kid and all the way through college I wanted a pet dairy cow. Which is kinda funny cause I'm a city girl and where would I ever put an animal that big. One of my college roommates majored in Ag so I was able to get my cow fix and visit the farm with her. Baby Cows = Adorable

18 Where did you go today? Haircuts, Lane Bryant for some retail therapy for a really short haircut, Chipotle and then where else, Target

19. Do you have kids? One little boy, the light of my life.

20. What is the worst sound to hear? nails on a chalkboard

21.Who is the last person who sent you a card? My little boy for Mother's Day

22. Who is the last person you wrote a letter to? Sadly, I can't remember the last time I ever hand wrote a letter.

23.What kind of soap do you like best? Dove.

24.What kind of perfume/cologne do you like best? Vera Wang's Sheer Veil

25.Who is the last person you called? the hubster.

26Are you happy or sad today? Happy :)

27.Have you ever been in an accident? Just one, in fact one of my lovely blog readers was with me.

28.Have you ever broken a bone? nope. Knock on wood.

29. Have you ever had surgery? Yes, appendectomy and a ACL/MCL repair

30.Have you ever played sports? Yes, soccer, basketball, swimming and my fave, softball

31.Did you graduate high school? I sure hope so, my momma would have kicked my booty if I didn't

32. Can you sing? A big fat NO!

33. Can you dance? I've got some rhythm. I'm pretty good at what I like to call "ghetto booty" dancing. I was a wild child back in my college days :)

34.Can you play an instrument?I use to play the violin but I would never think of trying it now unless I wanted my ears to bleed.

35.Have you ever been in the newspaper? My mug shot...just kidding. I've had some sporting accomplishments published along with some articles on my volunteer work with Special Olympics.

36. Have you ever been on TV? Nope.

37.Have you ever wrote a book? Uh, not that I can recall.

38.What type(s) of music do you like? Mostly country but I'm into the hip/hop R&B thing too.

39.What month were you born? February.

40.Where do you like to shop most? If you must know see HERE!

Man, that was a long one. Hopefully I haven't bored you to death. :) Please feel free to share a little about yourselves whether it be in the comments or a similar questionnaire on your blog.