Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Little Link Love!

Who says spending time blogging and reading other's blogs isn't productive? Not I!
I meandered over to another blog, I really don't know how I found her, but immediately fell in love with her title, Domestic Dork. Really, who wouldn't love a title like that? After reading a few posts I found this one...that one that changed my life (ok, maybe that's a little dramatic, but you get the idea.) Use a pumice stone and some elbow grease to clean that stubborn "ring" around the toilet. GENIUS! (Check out her blog for the details and pics since I'm not brave enough to post toilet pics)

So, I put on my cute yellow gloves, parked the kiddo in front of the tv since he wouldn't take a nap today and I gave it a try. Holy Moly, it worked! I have tried almost every product for the last two years to get that gross ring out but just figured that I was doomed to live in a good for nothing, yucky, yellow ring kingdom.

Now, I can't say that the following events will happen in every one's bathroom but finally getting that toilet spic and span led to counters, sinks, mirrors, mopping the floors and removing the shower doors so that I could scrub the living daylights out of them. And at last, my bathroom is GORGEOUS! So a big thank you to Holly Noelle at Domestic Dork for providing the great idea and the inspiration to finally make my bathroom beautiful.


Holly Noelle said...

SO glad you found it helpful!

After reading this post I'm feeling like maybe I should go clean the rest of my bathroom too...

I'll answer your immigration questions as best as I can in the comments on that post! So check in sometime today.

Holly Noelle said...

PS- I don't post on Fridays. So I'm sending my traffic your way! Thanks for the link love!

jinx said...

I didn't use it on my tub but did use it on my tub and shower and it worked great.