Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Oh boy, I've been waiting for some peace and quiet to write my Not Me! Monday post. Remember last week when I said it was an uneventful week and I was waiting for the other shoe to drop? Did it ever and it feels like today has been the longest day and it's only 2:45pm. I'm warning you now, get ready to read a novel. Let's start with earlier in the week and work our way forwards , shall we?

I have not only seen my husband for a total of about 8 hours the entire month of June (he's a long haul truck driver) up until this weekend. It was not causing me to be extremely overemotional and it definitely did not add to my stress level.
My son has not decided that he doesn't care to nap anymore and that it's okay if his mother turns into a big green monster because she is losing her mind by 3 o'clock. He does not then whine at 5 pm that he's tired and wants to take a nap. What do I say,"Um, sorry honey, it's too late to nap now." What I definitely do not want to say, " If you just listened to me at 2pm and took a nap then I wouldn't be a big mean monster and you'd be a happier boy. Now suck it up and go play" I would never think of such a terrible thing to say, Nope, not me!

I did not have tons of meaningless errands to run today and wanted to get them done by noon so that my little one would hopefully get back on schedule and take his nap.

First off, I was not trapped behind the garbage truck while trying to leave and he definitely was not talking on his bluetooth (and not picking up the garbage). I did not wait for 15 minutes for above mentioned garbage man while he chatted (about who knows what to whom), then eventually picked up the dumpsters while my son was beyond excited ( can also be read as would not stop talking/yelling for the entire 15 minutes straight.)

So we're finally on the road when I did not completely forget to go to the bank first. Really, who needs to deposit money to go run errands, not me! (While this seems insignificant now, just wait for later in my trip.)

After the first two stores, we jump in the car and proceed to the next store and my son did not quietly whisper to me that he peed his pants while in the car seat. Did I get a warning or a "hey, mom, I have to pee?" Nope, not me!
I did not pull over and assess the damage to discover that my extra undies/shorts were not going to fix this. It's not like the Hoover Dam broke and everything/everywhere was completely WET! Nope, that would never happen to me.

We did not head home to do a quick change of shirt/undies/shorts/socks (I'm surprised his hat wasn't wet) and grab towels so he can sit in the car seat without getting wet.
And at last we're on our way! (again)

To the bank we go. Here's the plan,

1.) Withdrawal $ from an account in Bank A 2.) Deposit $ to another account in Bank B.

Sounds easy, right. Should have been. I did not discover that my debit card from Bank B is missing! I did not have a major FREAK out in the car and search every nook and cranny of my big red purse over and over again for 20 minutes in hopes to find it and still didn't. One thing I'm actually good at is not loosing things and I definitely did not lose that bank card. Nope, not me!

In hopes that my card is at home somewhere I proceed to the next store carrying WAY too much cash, all in the form of $20 bills. I definitely was not acting like a little old lady guarding her purse throughout the store and I'm hoping I did not look like a drug dealer with wads of cash at the check out counter. Nope, not me!

I did not make it back at 1:30 (an hour and a half late). Nope, not Me!

***Side note to let you know my day has gotten better**** Little one is napping and I did find my debit card. Wanna know where? In my wallet of course, wrapped in a receipt!

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jinx said...

Definitely sounds like a long week. Hope you see hubby soon.

I am glad you posted today, was surprised I didn't see it earlier.

Emma said...

Came over from MckMama--loved your post!! My little guy also fights his nap/rest time! He then crashes and is a mess right around dinner time! WIsh he'd just listen to me!! :)

Audrey said...

Oh man, sounds like a terrible day. Glad your little one took a nap!

Audrey from House of Boys!

Leah said...

A synonym for busy: Mom