Monday, January 11, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Best Face Photo

I have admired the blog, I ♥ Faces, for quite a while now. They accept and encourage photos from all levels of talent, beginner to professional. I never entered any of my photos before since I think they are great for family memories but void of actual talent but I am going to push myself  to contribute this year, talent or no talent at all. I have an AMAZING camera and I want to learn how to use all the neat features (since we paid for them and all.) This weeks picture had to be a close up on faces taken in December or January so without further or do here is my first entry to I ♥ Faces .

So I definetely ♥ this face! This is Big Man after giving Little Man a bath.....or maybe it's the other way around by the looks of it?!
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