Monday, December 7, 2009

This just might CRACK you up!

Now, this WAS an innocent picture of my son at soccer class and not something I would normally show you until some hoochie mama showed me her butt patch.

While I'm not the trendiest gal on the block, I do know one thing. Showing off your butt crack is really not all that HOT!

It would probably take me both hands to count how many "not so cute" tooshies I've seen in the last few weeks. I've seen the young hairy man butt crack, the old lady reaching for the shoes butt crack. There is no discrimination here people, male or female, old and young, stop showing me your crease of nastiness.
The holiday season brings every crazy whigwham out of the woods to spend their honorary plumber's paycheck which means a lot of reaching up high and bending down low to get that last Buns of Steel video on sale. Whitney Houston could get high as a kite with the amount of crack lines I've seen. Enough is enough. Cover it up! PLEASE!

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Are you still here?

No more BUTTS about it, just go enter! :)
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