Sunday, November 29, 2009

See ya in the 'burbs!

I'm a suburb girl, always have been and I'm pretty sure I always will be. There is something about being close to the city lights, yet far enough away that the club goers don't wake you up at closing time that is a perfect fit for me. This week I took a road trip and amid all the miles logged traveling through large and small towns it made me realize that I LOVE where I live. I love the Pacific Northwest!The clean air, the mass quantities of evergreen trees, the friendliest people and yes, I even love the rain! There is just something about 72 degrees and sunny on Thanksgiving that just doesn't fit well in my book. The funny thing is that I lived my whole childhood there, I'm a California native, but give me 8 years in the the PNW and I've become an official transplant.
I also traveled through many small towns with populations ranging from 500-2100 and it boggles my mind how people live in small, rural towns. Do they pick up and move to the small town or are they born into it and either can't afford to leave or love their little town just as much as I love my city and don't care to leave? So I pose a question to my bloggy friends, where do you live? City livin' or are you a small town, country girl? What in your life brought you to where you live today? Please feel free to share in the comments or your own post with a link back.
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