Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloweeny!

Guess what we did tonight? One of my least favorite things...carving pumpkins! I love holidays and I'm usually an eager beaver to prep Thanksgiving, visit Santa, hide Easter Eggs and decorate the house in a festive manner but carving pumpkins just plain ol' sucks in my opinion. The last few years this has been my husband's "thing." I was a designated picture taker and just got to sit back and enjoy them sifting through the stringy pumpkin guts while my hands were cleaner than a freshly swiffered floor. Let's just say that this year I was not so lucky. The hubster is working hard and won't be back home until Halloween day so I had to suck it up, put on my game face and pretend that this was the FUNNEST. THING. EVER. for my kiddo. It started well, I figured out how to use the self-timer on my camera so that we would have a few pics and we goofed off a bit before we butchered those pumpkins. Once we cut them open and started to get dirty things got a bit more interesting. He was not a fan of getting his hands all yucky (at least I know he's mine) but I told him that he had to help me if we were going to light them tonight. Reluctantly, I got another 2-3 minutes out of him and then it started. What started, you ask? The gagging. Seriously, this kid started gagging from the pumpkin guts and actually upchucked in the "guts" bowl. Can you believe that? I was dumbfounded! Needless to say I did not force him to help me carve the rest of the pumpkins and I was stuck to do all the dirty work while he played doctor's office with his stuffed animals. Fun night, huh. And here is all my hard work! If you can correctly guess the pictures below you get an A+ in preschool programming. Happy Halloween!
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