Saturday, October 17, 2009

Excuse Me While I Step on My Soap Box

I try to stay non confrontational on this blog because I really just want it to be a fun place for me to post my tidbits of life so that my friends, family, and bloggy buddies can enjoy coming back time and time again. Now I don't intend for this topic to become a nasty debate but I would like to welcome all comments, whether or not you agree with me.

TLC, What are you doing?

Unless you've been hiding under a rock I'm pretty sure that you've all heard the Jon and Kate plus 8 drama, don't even get me started on that...I could go on forever! But in watching a few of their shows I can see a trend conflict. I like to watch Little People, Big World but it seems they are taking a page of the J&k+8 book. In the season opener and the following episode divorce was openly discussed and both parents didn't know which path they would follow now that the kids were getting older. Not to mention during the commercial breaks there were advertisements for another one of their series, American Choppers, showcasing some type of family problem that was going to tear them apart. Now I've never watched the show, so I'm not sure if it was an exaggeration or not but enough is enough! I'm not opposed to divorce, if that is what is best for your family, fly at it. Nor am I immune to the idea that a family conflict can split the seams on an already rocky relationship resulting in an unfortunate outcome. But allowing a television company to profit off a private part of your life especially when you have kids is shameless.

And shame on TLC! The Learning Channel, or so they say, has neglected to teach me anything except how not to screw up interpersonal relationships. Remember the fun, family friendly Trading Spaces, I seriously LOVED that show.... those were the good ol' days.
And now I've stepped off of my soap box and I'm opening it up to others. What to do you think of TLC's programming and the way they are handling everything?

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