Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Obsessed Much?!

I'm officially a member of the paparazzi aka Mamarazzi! I got a new toy a week ago and it takes everything in my will power not to spend hours stalking my little man to get "the perfect picture."

We'll have to thank my husband who has a love/hate relationship with my point and shoot camera along with him trying to take pictures at a birthday party for this kind of splurge. Let's just say after a couple of hours of attempting to take pictures of our crazy kid at Chuck E. Cheese he had had enough. One day later, one Best Buy trip and I can't thank him enough for this wonderful gift.

This new gem of a camera takes 4 shots per second...can I just tell you how incredibly fast that is compared to my Cannon point and shoot! Way toooo fast! In the first week I have taken over 1000 pictures which sounds like a ton but it is so easy to do when it going click, click, click, a second.

We've gone on various trips or walks this week just so that I can try out different settings on my camera. Let's just say I'm obsessed! I can see how photographers get hooked because there is so much you can do with these DSLR's. Here is a few raw pics from the last few days, I still have yet to figure out editing and if you have any recommendations on programs etc, please speak up :)
Happy BoyConcentration
Watch Me
Little Man Airplanes over the Bridge
Daddy and Little Man Airplanes over the Bridge


Lis @ ATruckerWife said...

The pictures are precious!! Enjoy your new toy!!