Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me Monday

Can you believe that it's "Not Me!" Monday time already? While some weeks drag on for what seems like eternity, others, like this one, go by incredibly fast. While MckMama doesn't seem to be doing a post this week, and really who could blame her when her sweet baby Stellan has been through a roller coaster ride this week, I, for one, must get this off my chest to start my week out fresh. Honestly, it's pretty therapeutic, and much cheaper than a professional :)

On my way to the grocery store, I did not wait forever and a day at every stop light on the way there because the power was out. And of course, once at the above mentioned grocery store, which took me 30 minutes instead of 5 to get there, there was not a worker outside holding a big fat CLOSED sign because yes, their power was out too! So, on my journey to the other grocery store in the next town over, it was not incredibly over crowded because everyone else and their mother had the same idea as I did. That was not a complete waste of my afternoon!

My husband did not tell me the other day that because I let our son wear a lot of fake tattoos this week that he's going to blame me when he's 18 and comes home with a big fat tat with the word MOM in it. At least I already know it's my fault so I can be ready for it in about 16 years. LOL

I did not try to teach my son how to pee standing up today only to pull a muscle in my lower back. (don't even ask me how I did it, who knows) Now, our sweetly sympathetic little boy thinks that whenever he stands up to pee, mommy hurts her back. So one day, we'll have a tat wearing, toilet sitting, teenage mama's boy.

I asked my son what he wanted to get daddy for Father's Day and he did not say this, "I want to go to Toy's R Us and get him a blue car hauler so that I can open it and I can play with it." That would be an incredibly selfish response. Nope, not my 2 year old!

I did not have the tantrum kid at playgroup this week. (In all honesty, if you know my kid you know how rare this is.) I did not want to pull my hair out to make the whining stop. I did not wish I could just take him home for a nap. But then....... I would miss mommy time, cause really what are playgroups if not glorified girl time with intermittent child rearing.

***Side note- The non sharing, tantrum filled boy did get sick that night which thus explains above behavior. Now he's back to his non tantrum throwing self****

Overall, it's been a somewhat mellow week which makes me wonder when the other shoe is going to drop. Oh well, I'll just not tell you about it next Monday.


Soon to be Mrs. M said...

Hi Laura,
Hurting your back while potty training is hilarious! I almost spit my drink out while reading that one! Great Not Me's!!!

Leah said...

Those were great. I especially love the tattoo jokes. I have teenagers and it seems like so many of their newly turned 18 year old friends have gone straight out and gotten tattoos! I have a tattooed husband and my own little one too, but I hope my kids wait a bit. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come back for the Toot Your Horn Tuesday post. I'd love to have you play along!

shelley. said...

LOVED your post - hilarious! Thanks for stopping by mine earlier. Many happy "nots" this week =)

Candice said...

Love the one about your son getting himself a Father's Day gift. Brilliant!

Danifred said...

I always feel terrible when I am hard on the toddler and then she becomes sick later on. If only they would tell us these things!!! :)