Thursday, March 18, 2010

My month in Bullet Points

I have no idea how so many of you bloggers blog EVERY SINGLE DAY? I just can't do it. Between semi-single parenting, a not-so-regular nap schedule anymore, household chores and just life, blogging easily gets put on the backburner. Needless to say, I took a vacation from blogging (far longer than I anticipated) but so much has happened while I was away. Here are the bulletpoints, since I will not bore you with all the silly details.
  • I turned the dirty 30 or is it 7 1/2? That's right folks, I was born on Leap Day which means "technically" I've only had 7 birthdays. Funny how when I was younger I always wanted to be older, but now that I've said goodbye to my 20's, the idea of only being 7 doesn't sound too bad!
  • We went to the Winter Olympics and it was AMAZING! The men's speedskating was by far the best event. Watching USA take gold and bronze was such a neat experience and the facility was absolutely beautiful. Aerials was fun, but I will never again buy standing room only tickets. 5 hours of being sandwhiched like a sardine with NO room to even pick your nose was awful!
  • My husband  took 2 whole weeks vacation! For the new readers, he's a long haul truck driver and is only home about once a week for a day, maybe two, so this was a rare luxury. It was a much needed vacation for him, and in reality, for all of us. It provided us with the time to regroup and make some major life decisions together, and not make them over the phone since that is our major method of communication.
  • Our car got broken into while in Vancouver and we had to miss our last event, bobled. :( That majorly sucked. All they got were pennies out of my ash tray, seriously, just knock on our door, I'll happily give you the pennies versus breaking into my car at the repair cost of 350 bucks in addition to the cost of the Olympic tickets, ferry rides etc. Overall, we lost between 500-600 buckeroos cause someone wanted my pennies.  They hit 3 other cars on the street and didn't get anything valuable from anybody. Some people, I swear!
  • I had 2, yes I said 2, flat tires in a 24 hour period  causing me to buy all new tires. And no, that wasn't cheap either. Seriously bad car karma this month and it's all weird, freaky things!
  • And lastly, our major life decision........we're moving to an island! For real, but before you break out the flipflops, sunblock, attempt to schedule your vacation and seek accomodations in my guest room, think Great White North and a little chillier. Vancouver Island! It's an hour and half ferry ride from Vancouver and it's beautiful. Simply breathtaking. Plans are already in the works and I'm looking forward to a life that is a bit simpler, more family time and not so hectic. I'm planning on embracing Island Life and discovering a whole new perspective.
So that's my last month in a nutshell minus cooking, cleaning, laundry and wiping butts. We all know how that goes. If you're a new reader or an oldy but goody, say hi! I've missed all you guys and I plan to get back to my regularly scheduled programming soon. :)
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