Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm about as liberal as they come and during the last presidential election I was insanely irritated by the entire McCain family and their conservative views. The election came and went and a new chapter was written in the history books. Surprisingly, as time passed, a young republican named Megan McCain grew on me with some of her social views regarding gay rights but imagine my surprise when I saw this today.

Seriously, that is Cindy McCain! She contacted the NOH8 campaign and asked to be a  model for their message. To say I was surprised was an understatement! A couple thoughts rolled around in this bouncy house I call a brain. One, I would never ever have thought Cindy McCain would volunteer to do this considering her hubby is not a gay marriage supporter and second, who's that hottie!!! Who would have thought the updo queen over there ------>

could look like the sexpot up there.

So a big wohooo to two public republican women for speaking their minds, I applaud you. And even though John McCain is still not a supporter of equal gay rights a small part of me wants to give him props for marrying  and raising  strong women who speak their minds.
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