Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Addition to my Mommy Resume

Do you see that little boy to the right? My sweet, outgoing, cute as a button little boy. Behind those beautiful blue eyes is a growing dose of comedic genius that is starting to really own his craft.

Last night I was putting some Desitin on my son's little tushie because he had diaper rash (which is puzzling since he no longer wears diapers, but oh well.) While my head is down there assessing his rashy redness, he let's the stinkiest, most heinous sounding fart rip. As I breathe through the cloud of stench this was our conversation-

Me- "Oh My Goodness, You are one stinky boy! That is soooooo gross!"

Little Man erupts in uncontrollable laughter and proclaims to the world that he "farted on his mommy" as if he should be awarded a trophy for his bravery.

Me- "That is so gross! If you need to "toot" maybe you should wait till Mommy's face isn't right by your bottom."
And do you know what Little Man's response was, "It's all part of your job, Mom!"

I just about died of laughter on that one. I don't know where he picked up that line but he timed it perfectly. I'll just add that comment to my forever growing list of crazy things my kid makes up.
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