Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back in the Day


Do you remember those days, the ones before children? Some days I look back and wonder what the hell I did with all my free time? I thought that I was busy bee back in the day but man was I wrong! A mother’s job is never done, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no vacation time, no sick days it’s work, work, work but I can positively say that not one of us would trade it in for anything.

The other day on facebook I was recalling my crazy college days (and to put it nicely, I lived it up.) I was comparing my vodka filled Friday nights and frat parties of the past to my now pizza and (chocolate if we’re livin on the edge) milk along with bounce houses in cul-de-sacs and had to chuckle at how times have changed. The crazy thing is I probably have just as much fun now as I used to and it’s all legal. :)

We all know that B.C. consists of bathroom breaks in private and not having to explain what you’re doing during each minute that your on the loo but just like everything else A.C.(After Children) is a completely different ballgame.The restroom is not longer a REST room, it’s just another room in the house where you are “on mommy duty.” So I’ve given up my sanctuary of a bathroom break and have come to accept it but here is the irony in my story……

Me- “Ok, go poopies Little Man” as I stand at the doorway

Little Man- “No, I don’t have to go!”

Me- “You just told me you did.”

Little Man- “Mommy, just go away? I need some privacy.k!”

So someone needs some privacy to do his business. I’ll grant you your time alone to do your deed but just wait kiddo cause right now you are in your BC era and one day (many, many, many years away) you’ll be in these AC years and I’m going to laugh when your little one is right on your heels as you head to the bathroom.


Adrienne said...

LOL-so true, so true. Not even the shower is a sacred place for me!! They're peeking their little heads in there as well!

jinx said...

Little foot cries outside the door when I am in the bathroom now.