Friday, August 21, 2009

Show me those pearly whites!

Just in case you needed a good laugh!!!

I'm smiling with you big ol' horsey!
Honestly, we've had a great week around these neck of the woods. Our house that has been empty for almost 3 years and on the market for almost a year finally sold. If all goes well it will close soon and our "new chapter" of life will start. See, selling this house means that we're one step closer to moving up to Canada and having a more "traditional" life. You know the one where you actually get to LIVE with your husband and he can have a job that allows him to be home more and hopefully add more little monsters to our little family. Secondly, my hubby finally got some extra government credentials, after a silly paperwork mix up that took forever to fix, that will allow him to haul goods from US Ports which equals more money for us. Hooray! And lastly, we're celebrating two birthdays this week. My lovely husband is turning one year wiser (we'll see about that) tomorrow and our cute as a button son turns the big 3 on Wednesday. So we'll have some busy days surrounded by fun, family and friends and I'm pretty sure there will be pics and stories to follow. So, let me know what good news came your way this week. From big news to little tidbits, go ahead a let it out! Let's all brag a bit and smile (although maybe not as big as that horse) about other's news.