Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We hit the Jackpot

I wish I could say we hit all the Powerball numbers and now we're millionares, but as you read on you'll see that our jackpot is on the smaller (but still fun) scale.
Our family went to a local mini-golfing/arcade/family fun center this weekend. We braved the 85 degree heat ( or at least what the pacific northwest calls heat) and had a blast. After a long day of golfing, and playing arcade games we still had some tokens left so my hubby just started putting them in random machines just trying to get rid of them and wouldn't you know it, he hit the jackpot! He has no clue how he won, but he was an idol to many teenage boys throughout the arcade who oooooodddd and awddddd at his accomplishment. We really didn't know how many we had won until we put them in the ticket reader (some fancy dancy machine that counts your tickets...can you imagine having to count them by hand like the good ol' days) but the magic number was 1,522 tickets! Maybe next time we'll hit the jackpot at the casino rather than the Family Fun Center. There's always hope ;)